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Gemini ( The heavenly twins )
May 21- June 20

Dominating Characteristics

  • Analytical & capable of making quick decisions.
  • Have the capacity to adapt to any circumstance.
  • Have ultra modern out look. 
  • Quick to adapt innovations.
  • Always easy going and good humoured.
  • More governed by mind than emotions.

Character Analysis

The star Gemini is symbolized by twin children the Castor and Pollux of Roman mythology. It is an airy sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. They are very intelligent. They can penetrate deep into the root of any matter and analyse them. They also display a dual character. At one  time they are full of energy and enthusiasm, but before long a sudden change comes over them  and they become cold and lethargic. In their relations with friends they are most undependable. Sometimes they insist that something is right when it is completely wrong. They imbibe things so  fast that at times they miss out many important and critical details which are very essential.  They are attracted to every thing that is modern. Old conventional ways bore them. They are always on the look out for new methods and ways of doing things. They are very clever in inventing things. A well developed Gemini possess artistic talent of high order.

Ruling Planet



Birth stone


Agate, Pearl

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Five (5 series)

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