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Taurus ( The Bull )
April 21- May 20

Dominant Characteristics

  • Very helpful in nature.
  • Gets along easily with others.
  • Friends can always depend on them.
  • Perseverance is their motto.
  • They give respect and take respect.
  • Keen & particular to achieve goals set.
  • Loves peace and harmony.

Character Analysis

Taurus is an earthly sign ruled by Venus and symbolised by Bull. It is not surprising that they can be distinguished by their love of beauty and harmony in every aspect of life. They have very good imagination and spectacular powers supported by common sense. They are fond of hard work and they enjoy doing work to the core. Music is a fascination for them. They are capable of concentrating all their attention  on a single aim and purpose. Their unyielding determination leads them to achieve their goals. They will fight for an injury done to them but they have no part in trickery, deception and underhand dealings. As soon as their enemy shows sign of collapse they instantly feel sorry for them. Taurians have great receptive power. They are good hosts and very  successful socially. They always get followers but they should guard against being swayed by other peoples advice. They are often selected to take up responsibilities and they accept them even though it worries them. They are incapable to accept squalor and strife. 

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Six ( 6 series)

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Red, Green and lemon yellow

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