Friday, September 29, 2023

Five Elements - Wood

Symbolizes - Wood is the originator of the five element theory. It is the symbol of spring and the beginnings of new life. The wood element encourages your creativity, flexibility.

Shapes - Wood elements are associated with the columnar shape.

Colour - Wood elements can be represented by the colour Green.

Wood Element Personalities - Wood people are outgoing, energetic, artistic, high morals and work with commitment.

Things that represent Wood:

  • Cotton, rayon and linen Fabrics

  • Things made of wood. Use living plants , the representative of the wood elements. The tables and chairs made of wood, is not the Feng -Shui remedy of wood which holds no positive energy and brings a negative influence. A busy shrub or fresh growing plant is a fine example of wood element. They produces good energy  when they are alive and healthy, but when they fade or dry, they start producing a negative effect. The element of hard wood resides in the East and soft wood in the Southeast which associated with creativity and the increase of wealth.

  • Shapes and Patterns to be used are stripes, leaf patterns, flowers and columnar.

  • Art or sculpture with trees forests and flowers.