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Sagittarius ( The Archer )
November 23 - December 20

Dominating Characteristics

  • They are broadminded and helpful.
  • They are admired and respected.
  • They love to exchange ideas.
  • They know what to accept and reject.
  • They are always practical in their approach to others.

Character Analysis

Sagittarians symbolised by the Archer are known for their frankness, sincerity and optimism. They have a high sense  of justice. They are very fond of giving advice. Their philanthropic nature makes them charitable. They are intense hard workers. They are sociable and popular among friends. They are exceptionally honest and hate deception and trickery. They like to follow conventions. They are always ready to shoulder responsibility. As they possess great strength of will, they like independence in having their affairs done in their own way. They are impulsive too. They take sudden decisions and change their occupation and interests in absolutely unexpected ways. They are deeply religious and follow their faith with great zeal and enthusiasm. They like change and even change their habits in life without any significant motive. They are well built and extremely fond of sports. They are most happy out doors.

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