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Leo ( The Lion )
July 21 - August 21

Dominating Characteristics

  • They are born leaders
  • They are good organizers and administrators
  • They have a lot of energy and strength
  • They derive happiness from making others happy
  • They value honesty and friendship


Character Analysis

Leo is a positive fiery sign ruled by the sun. It is symbolized by the Lion. People born under this star are usually courageous, dignified and gifted with leadership qualities. They can be distinguished by their strong frame with broad shoulders and well developed muscles. Leo are direct and open in their expressions. They express opinions with clarity. Their convictions are fixed early in their life. They don't change or modify them later. Leos are loyal to their friends and never leave them in case they fall into trouble. Their affection and sympathy are worth mentioning. They are straight forward in their dealings. They detest treachery and double dealing. They are full of courage and fear don't touch them. No matter how angry they are, they fight in a fair way. Leos have great ambitions and they surmount difficulties with their magnetic strength. They may sacrifice anything to achieve what they long for. In money matters Leos are not usually gifted. Leos are always ready to share their wealth with others and they give money for charity.

Ruling Planet



Birth stone


Ruby, Peridot

Lucky number


Four (4 series)

Lucky day



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Gold, Orange and Red

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