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Libra ( The scale )
September 23 - October 22

Dominating Characteristics

  • They uphold high sense of Justice.
  • They keep an open mind.
  • Have a natural affinity to Arts.
  • Loyal & popular with friends.
  • They love entertaining guests.
  • They are capable of taking right decisions.

Character Analysis

Libra is an airy sign ruled by the planet Venus. This star is symbolized by the scale or balance. Justice and harmony are the key factors which govern them. They have the capability to compare  and estimate facts and derive unbiased decisions. They detest injustice and cruelty and they always take the side of the wronged. They are gentle, courteous and affectionate in their speech. They seldom have problems attracting the opposite sex. They do not quarrel. They dislike monotony and love travelling. They are good home makers. They collect all things that are beautiful. A keen look, will show a fabulous collection in their house. They are very developed intellectually. We can always see a scholar in Libra. They always try to avoid unpleasantness. This makes them turn away from duties. If Libra is set in a congenial surrounding, a well balanced personality with a strong scientific or philosophic genius emerge doing good to the whole of humanity.

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