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Pisces ( The fish)
February 19 - March 20

Dominating Characteristics

  • They believe that every one should help each other.
  • They are talented in music or Fine arts.
  • Their intuitive nature helps them solve others problems.
  • They face life with philosophical calmness.
  • They are broadminded, good natured and peace loving.

Character Analysis

Pisces belong to the watery sign ruled by two planets Jupiter and Neptune. It is symbolised by two fishes in the opposite direction. They have dual nature. They often intend to do a thing  but they end up doing the other. They are gifted with wide visionary powers and they are capable of conceiving grand schemes. When it comes to executing them they become timid and loose  confidence. They are very romantic, kind hearted and emotional. They lack stability and will power. They need constant reminders and encouragement. Their vacillating nature makes them take up  projects and abandon it later. Pisces are fond of comfort and quiet life. They find excuses for  shrinking away from duties. They are very fond of children and animals. They are superstitious but if given a chance they turn out to be good psychic investigators and psychiatrists.

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Six (6 series)

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