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Scorpio ( Scorpion )
October 23 - November 22

Dominating Characteristics

  • They are good leaders.
  • They are not very easy to please.
  • They always surprise others.
  • They are ever ready to accept something new.
  • They are calm & cool even in the midst of a commotion

Character Analysis

This star is represented by Scorpion. It is a watery sign ruled by the planet Mars. They are  powerfully magnetic, full of energy and full of intense emotions. Strong will power help them exert their will over other people. They are capable of shocking others by their dramatic and unexpected ways. They are seldom discouraged when their plans go wrong. They conceal their  emotions. They are idealists and humanitarians in their heart. They are ever eager to defend  and help the weak and the oppressed. They are naturally gifted with the ability to control. They give little value for convictions and they deliberately defy them. They are hard workers and they never get tired of doing a difficult job. The are gifted with ambition and nothing stands in their way of realising them. They plan calmly and over come obstacles with great coolness. In order to get things done they may even break all norms. They are greatly attracted to occult and mysticism. They are also very religious. In short they are people who are destined to make a mark in the world whatever they choose to do.

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