Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Taurus ( April 21 - May 20 )

2015 is going to be the year of results for Taureans. Throughout the year, you will remain focused and active, and will direct your efforts towards achieving your goal. Professionally it will be a year of all round success. You will have beauty and grace, peace and prosperity all around you during the year 2015. Your inner feelings and needs for love and closeness emerge very strongly. You may also channel some of these feelings into creative or artistic work, something that evokes and expresses your deepest self.

Taureans may be doing a lot of things without the knowledge of your family members. Issues are brought to light for repair in April, late June and October. By April, many of you who are married, will be thinking more deeply about the subject of children and will probably decide to give it more time. For those of you who have children, your children may become your teachers, their actions and your interaction with them teach you volumes. Their educational needs require a lot of input from you. There may be celebrations in the family either because of a marriage or a child birth, wherein the whole family will get together. 

Health and happiness has more to do with accepting current circumstances than it does with changing anything about your diet, exercise, mental or spiritual patterns. Some of you will turn vegetarian, and some vegetarians will add meat. Physical fitness seems to have positive bottom line effects too-it helps you financially in some way. 

There will be plenty of career and financial success this year, these things are not what you really seek. Rewards will come after July- you will be recognized for your efforts. May to June is an especially prosperous period- but you must be open to intuition. Financial guidance could come in dreams. Prosperity comes as you are being most altruistic and selfless.

Romance has reached a critical turning point for Taureans. Your thoughts center on security and practical goals until June. You will have to risk rejection by making a move to attract your beloved's attention. If you're married, you'll feel new depths and joys of parental love. If single, you'll feel sexual rather than romantic. A good marriage proposal is on the cards for unmarried Taurus girls. 

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