Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 22 )

2015 will bring a harmony at home and synergy at work, which enables to achieve professional goals and take care of family responsibilities throughout the year. Overseas personal and business connections develop and grow. Watch wealth and finances in the September-October months.  You work well with groups and leave a lasting impact on people and situations. More than one relationship will undergo qualitative change. This is not a year where you can rely on any person. Remember, negative thoughts produce the kind of reactions that are not comfortable for you.

Personal and family pressures will continue into March up to the 7th. Spouse or partner will make sincere efforts to bring you joy.  A need to cut yourself off and keep low on social contacts, will improve after September. There could be a difficult family and health phase between May and June. Children related issues would be negative till August end. They would improve dramatically after September. There is the possibility of birth of a child for those expecting, in the second half of the year. Stars bless financial activities and family ties in the latter half of the year. 

Health will improve significantly. Those suffering from Asthma/stomach problems, Gastric problems need immediate attention. If you above 40, a few Scorpions will suffer sleeplessness at night.  A light exercise or evening walk will make you comfortable. A problem with an older relative can be sorted out.  

2015 will bring substantial pay rises and excellent work opportunities. Business projects that look negative initially undergo some changes. A business partnership will result in an additional source of income. The inflow of money will be very good and you can make a good deal. Put your extra money in fixed deposits and bonds for regular financial gains. It is important to express your new terms and conditions without fear of loosing a contract or deal to avoid being manipulated or accepting a raw deal. The pressures of career and domestic responsibilities are likely to dampen your playful mood during December, but only temporarily.

Romantically, you are in a playful mood during the latter half of the year, catering to your desires and those of your partner. Romance ripens if you share and discuss your ideals. Take courage, issues must be faced, decisions are unavoidable. Loved ones might feel that you do not spend enough time with them, especially if you have been swamped at work recently. Making an extra effort will help. 

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