Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Libra ( September 23 - October 22

This year, career, life direction, parental and issues relating to your public image will be areas of your life that will need your attention. This year brings rewards at work in business as the work you put in now starts to come back to you in big ways. Focus on international opportunities as matters at a distance are very much in your favour at present leaving March or April when you could suffer a minor setback. 

A friendship you value a lot is under strain but that should not surprise you given the slightly eccentric nature of your friend. There is an expansion of your living quarters or a home. Many of you will be buying second homes or increasing your property holdings. Those of your searching for your dream house will have good fortune this year. There is good emotional support from family members. The family circle is going to expand-either though birth or marriage.  

Health wise some of you may develop a minor problem in the urinary tract, or develop some problem particles in bladder or kidney.  The health of children is more delicate. Health of parents, elders, in-laws, however, could cause concern.

There could be argument with people you are trying to do business. Share holders may make some quick profits at the stock exchange. A good news from abroad comes by April.  The boss or another superior at work may be taking you for granted, be careful that you do not allow yourself to be used as a doormat. If  you have been hoping to get a change to discuss business with close colleagues, this is the moment to pin them down. It is possible to achieve some good, solid results in regard to a pastime that other people may not take seriously. Joint finances may seem to be slipping away, although you are not clear just how this is happening. It may be that you or your partner have dipped into savings and then forgotten about the withdrawal. 

Romance can be quite tricky. What someone writes and what they actually do may be poles apart, leaving you confused and frustrated. Young girls meeting opposite sex may fall in love. Love and romance would flourish, but at the cost of work.  Marriage is a strong probability this year. 

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