Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Capricorn ( December 21 - January 19 )

Big and happy social changes occur ahead in 2015. Earnings have been strong the past few years, though there has been much instability. 2015 is a year of prosperity. More on this later.  Capricorn may see positive results in most areas like career, love and  health.

Career may play a role for some, taking you in new and different directions. Your hard work will bear excellent results. Capricorns will attain more sources of income than 2014 and earn higher respect in the society and enjoy financial gains in the coming year. Those who do not have a job have strong chances of getting one in 2015. Even those involved in politics and business would get good results in the coming year.  The year ahead looks promising for business matters. There may be surprising amount of money to be made by retargeting your product or services toward a new market. If you have to borrow funds, make sure the terms are absolutely clear and aim to clear the debt as soon as possible.  For students, 2015 is  good and a strong chances of achieve in competitive exams.

2015 year should be an interesting and happy social year for capricorns. Capricorn singles are likely to marry and marrieds will either improve their present relationship or find new. You may enjoy a trip to abroad with your partner.  Affairs of the heart will play quite an important part in your life throughout the year. 

Love : In matters of heart too, Capricorn will be at a favorable position. Your love horoscope for 2015 suggests that you have lots to gain in your relationship in the coming year. There are chances that you may find your dream partner and those in love stand a chance of getting married in 2015. Overall a good year for all those in relationships. You need to be wary though in the latter half of the year when problems could arise in the family due to your relationship.

You may need to withdraw from things for a little to restore your own peace of mind. Legal matters of ideas about justice may come to play a part in your working life. Be prepared to make necessary adjustments and work with what's going on around you. Cooperation and understanding are the doorways to success. Work through difficulties with determination.

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