Monday, January 30, 2023

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Cancer ( June 21 - July 20 )

A very happy social year for Cancer. The most important areas of interest in the coming year are : finance; health and work; home, family and domestic issues; psychological growth. Take more responsibility and prove your leadership abilities - and you'll do a fine job. Be careful not to become involved in anything that's not completely on the up-and-up. Those of you on a psychological or spiritual path will see many breakthroughs this year. The causes of many things will be revealed. There will be real progress. 

Marriage, collaborations, partnerships, publicity, ceremonies are the other areas which are highlighted. Home and family assume paramount importance, and your main desire is to ensure serenity and harmony therein. Entertainment, sociability, good times, are all yours, especially in group activities and those pertaining to children. The home and its atmosphere and ambiance will be a personal commitment for you. Relationships benefit from the lighter mood, enjoying a welcome spontaneity. Friendships, too, grow as the months progress.

Adequate intellectual expression- a healthy mental diet of truth and the right ideas-also has dramatic affect on your health. Mental health is as important to you as physical health. Those of you who have had health problems in the past year should be hearing good news. The health of a parent seems a concern. The health of children seems normal though you should slow them down-haste and impatience are the dangers here. 

Time for starting a new business, get cracking on a career. Renovation of office, house is also on the cards. Perhaps even a shift either at the office/home/factory/workplace may occur. You may also decide to invest in labour-saving devices/gadgets to stream line your efficiency both at home and in the office. At the same time, there is desire to retrace your roots and origins, to go back in time. You may face some opposition to your plans, initially, but these will be pinpricks you don't really feel, not the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. 

If single, you might be strongly attracted to a co-worker (or someone in your general field) through September. If you're married, marriage is work for the first nine months - partly because your spouse will engage you in many chores designed to boost your family's finances. For the unattached, a casual, friendly love affair could begin. Romance comes more powerfully in December, but don't begin living with anyone this month.

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