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  REALLY GEM STONES ( LUCKY STONES ) SOLVES OUR PROBLEMS ? In our day-to-day life, We watch so many ads from the sellers of Gem stones and as well as from some commercial Astrologers mentioning that by wearing Gem stones ( also called Adhrushta Ratnam / Lucky stone ) all of our problems will be solved. This is absolutely false. In Hindu astrology, it is clearly mentioned that gem stones can only show some positive influence ( if at all the gem is a original ) on our life. It does not mean that just by wearing the Lucky stone, all of our problems will be solved. I can say the impact is negligible .. so that whether you wear or do not wear it will not make any difference. Remember my dear friends, “God” only can solve our problems and can change our lives if he feels we deserve it. So one has to offer prayers to God daily. SOME MORE FALSE CLAIMS: BY CHANGING NAME - NO CHANGE WILL COME TO OUR LIFE: Some Astrologers claims that by changing your name ; your fate will change and get luck/ fortune. There is no base or proof for such claim. As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, change of name will not change our fate. Our fate is already decided at the time of birth ( due to the good deeds and bad deeds performed by us in previous Janma ). HOW TO OVERCOME DIFFICULTIES IN OUR LIFE ? WHAT ARE THE REMEDIAL MEASURES TO GET RID OF GRAHA DOSHAS EXISTING IN OUR JATAKAM/ KUNDALI CHART Or HOROSCOPES ? 1. Though you are capable, highly talented in your job/ business-- at times you may not able to get the deserved success, fame, money. Why ? 2. Though you have not committed any mistake, you may be penalized by your life partner in your wedded life. What is the reason for the marital unhappiness ? why misunderstandings, disputes takes place between couples ? 3. Why we will be cursed with illness, health troubles, sorrows, difficulties, financial troubles ? 4. Why in student life, some may not achieve success which is targeted by them ? For all these queries, here is an answer and solution. This is the power of HINDU ASTROLOGY – PARASARA SYSTEM. Any one can overcome their difficulties and can achieve success provided if we follow the remedial measures prescribed by our Hindu Astrology which has been given by Lord Shiva through our ancient sages/ rushis. REMEDIES / ANSWERS : 1. By wearing Rudraksha as per your (horoscope) Kundali chart. 2. By performing pooja rituals to God and by keeping energized yantras in your pooja room after thorough examination of your Kundali chart. 3. By performing Graha dosha parihara Homam ( this homam will be performed by Vedic pundits/ Brahmins after chanting the mantra of the particular planet which is the main cause for all of your troubles, difficulties, failures as per your birth chart. Example: a) to mitigate the dosha of Ketu graha- Maha Ganapathi homam shall be performed. b) to nullify Guru graha dosha , Sudarshana homam shall be performed. c) to nullify sukra graham dosha and to get rid of financial troubles; to avoid misunderstandings and clashes between couples . . . Maha Lakshmi Homam shall be performed. NOTE : There are some more Homams which are meant to nullify Graha doshas. Who ever wish to get Pooja rituals & Homam can contact us to know the charges to perform according to your horoscope.


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24 - 3 - 2012

which stone is suitable for libra signs. which god favour to me and all send my details like lucky ,day.

   P.chinna.lalu, Guntur
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2 - 11 - 2011

nenu B-TECH complete chestana 4 years lopu naku marriage apudu lopu avuthundi

   chandrahas, bangalore
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19 - 9 - 2011

I born in in distt, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.My date of birth 7th Nov 1956, exact time dont know(around 1230 pm). I have not made any house/property due to finance problem.whether I can make any property within three years.what I have to do and what type of stone I should wear,please guide

   Geeta, Ghaziabad
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11 - 7 - 2011

My son laksh batra date of birth is 7/11/1995, time-4:24pm, place-delhi. He is not doing his study always busy in cell phone, t.v./ and internet and friends. he is not obeying me also. Kindly give any astrology remedy for him

   bhushan kathar, aurangabad
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1 - 10 - 2010

sugest me stone to wear for career and happiness??

   Naresh makwana, Rajkot
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14 - 9 - 2010

I am nares makwana i am live in rajkot pls give me my janam kundli my birth date 17-05-1984 time mroning 05.30am Regares naresh makwana

   Tulasi, Ahmedabad/Gujarat
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7 - 9 - 2010

Some astrologers tell that name change, gem stones will give some benefit. some will tell that yantra, tantra, mantra will give results. some will tell that homa, rudraksha, puja will give good results. but i think from my view all are correct. becoz all the gods and godesses wear all these gem stones. so wearing gem stones is not bad. according to numerology the name sri ram is bad,somebody told to me. becoz the name number for sri ram will be 13=4(rahu). 13 number is bad i think. becoz it gives struggles even if he had a palatial house and have more finance. sri ram also have a palace and have no problem for money. but he went forest and spent also 13 years and almost he spent i think for findindg sita. he got troubles in his entire life by ladies. example kaikeyi, mandara, surpanakka, even with sita also(for getting her bangaru zinka, and for finding her in lanka, and after that also he was not spent more time with her physically).

those whose name number is 13, they are also suffering with ladies in life, i observed eventhough they have factories and more money. so i think name has more energy. that is also called in telugu as peru balalu. i think at the time of sri ram birth the rushis put him name only according to janma nakshatra or sun sign or moon sign. but at the same time they have simultaneously not observed by numerology also.

we should not only see the letter from astrology, but at the same time by that selected letter a good strong and strenghful name also should finally select by numerology also.

i observed yantras in temples also(maha kali mandir etc). tantra is also there. but some people used wrongly. that is bad. mantra is also correct. becoz many rushis used chanting of mantras by the malaas. this is also called as jaap i think.(mantra jaap). in kaliyuga i think mantra jaap has more energy. i also used to chant mantra when i am not feeling good. after chanting more time counting lacks of times,i will feel better i observed. homa is for healthy also. yagya is so good. gods also likes and wear rudhrakshas. so that is also so correct. pooja will give peace and good mind. so i think everything is correct. all the angles makes 360 degrees. the centre is a point. that is GOD. so all these things show the way to the centre point ie., GOD. somebody likes Ram, some like shiva, some like vishnu. like that depending upon their likings, some people belief rudhraksas, somebody gems, some puja like that. we should not change thier beliefs. astrologers also should not point out another astrologers. that is not looking good. actually lord Bramha only the real and well knowned astrologer. he knows everything and he written only everybody thalaratha. so why one astrologer blame another astrolers. nobody knows 200% perfect entire occult sciences. astrology is ocean like subject. it has no end. i think nobody gain full knowledge in his or her entire life. I listen sir, u are also good astrologer. glad to meet you by mail. lots of namasthe. om gum ganapathaye namaha:

   Nitish kumar, Hapur
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15 - 5 - 2010

sir my date of birth is 01/04/1989 and time 02.30am tell me about my job my interest is in army line and civil line can i get a job in this field and what is my name means tell me something about my marriage and future also may i be a business man plz reply soon.


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