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Number 2 signifies dualism of manifested life - God and nature, spirit and matter, and their relationships. It combines the explicit and implicit principles, the subject and object, the active and passive, the positive and negative, the male and female, and stands for unity of the opposites - individuals, objects, terms, etc. Its inherent nature is to reflect, and it gives back what it takes; it denotes agreement and understanding - for union, modification, alteration, or even separation. Basically it is a number of anti-thesis, of witness and confirmation. It is a symbol of combination, creation, generation, production, growth and fruition.

2, and the figures which on numerological addition yields 2 - like 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, etc age-periods are very much likely to be important or significant in your life in some way or other.

Number 2 is in sympathy with number 7; it is also in sympathy with number 1 and 4. So, you are compatible with persons having Root number (Date-number) 2 or 7 or 1 or 4; your relationship with any such person is likely to be friendly, sympathetic, and long lasting.

Number 2 is not sympathetic to number 8. So, you are not compatible with persons having Root number (Date-number) 8; your relationship with any such person is likely to be unsympathetic - which may even turn inimical. If you ever develop any relationship with such a person, it may not last long - unless there are some modifying influences present in both of your charts.

You are likely to have such persons in the circle of your friends and acquaintances, whose first name or surname begins with the letter B, P, F, or V. From such people, you can look forward to receiving benefits and/ or active support. You are also likely to have good prospects in places whose names begin with any of these letters.

You are likely to be fond of cream, pale yellow and green colors, and these colors are favorable for you. As regards to objects, you might be fond of round bases, parallels, things in pairs, etc; or your profession may have some connection with these. Alternately, it may have direct or indirect connection with medicines, ladies' toiletries, liquids, edibles, consumables, utility goods, public connection, water-works, etc.

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