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Fair Play Awards winners of FIFA world cup

FIFA Fair Play Trophy
FIFA Fair Play Trophy

The team with the best record of fair play will be awarded the FIFA Fair Play Trophy. Only teams that qualified for the second round are considered. The winners will earn the FIFA Fair Play Trophy, a diploma, a fair play medal for each player and official and $50,000 worth of football equipment to be used for youth development. It was awarded for the first time at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany.

2014 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Colombia
Captain: Mario Yepes
Total Goals: 12
Host: Brazil

2010 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Spain
Captain: Iker Casillas
Total Goals: 8
Host: South Africa

2006 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Brazil
Captain: Cafu
Total Goals: 10
Host: Germany

2002 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Belgium
Captain: Marc Wilmots
Total Goals: 6
Host: Korea/Japan

1998 FIFA World Cup

England and France

Winner: France and England
Captains: Didier Deschamps (France), Alan Shearer (England)
Total Goals: 15 (France), 7 (England)
Host: France

1994 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Brazil
Captain: Dunga
Total Goals: 11
Host: USA

1990 FIFA World Cup


Winner: England
Captain: Bryan Robson
Total Goals: 8
Host: Italy

1986 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Brazil
Captain: Edinho
Total Goals: 10
Host: Mexico

1982 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Brazil
Captain: Sócrates
Total Goals: 15
Host: Spain

1978 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Argentina
Captain: Daniel Passarella
Total Goals: 15
Host: Argentina

1974 FIFA World Cup

West Germany

Winner: West Germany
Captain: Franz Beckenbauer
Total Goals: 13
Host: West Germany

1970 FIFA World Cup


Winner: Peru
Captain: Héctor Chumpitaz
Total Goals: 9
Host: Mexico