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Kabaddi World Cup Final 2016, India Vs Iran
Kabaddi World Cup Final 2016, India Vs Iran

Kabaddi is an Indian game which requires both power and skill for its play. It was known by various names in various places. For example, CHEDUGUDU OR HU-TU-TU in Southern parts of India, HADUDU (Men), CHU KIT-KIT (Women) in Eastern India and KABADDI in Northern India. It is a simple and inexpensive game and doesn't require a big playing area or any playing equipment. Regular Kabaddi tournaments are held throughout the country.

Field of play

The play ground of the Kabaddi shall be level and soft preferably made of earth, manure and sawdust. The ground shall be 121/2 meters X 10 meters. For women and Juniors the measurement shall be 11metres X  8 meters. The mid line drawn divides the play ground into two courts. There shall be strip of one meter wide on each side of the playfield, which is called Lobby. In each half, at a distance of about 3 meters from the mid-line and parallel to it lines of the full width of ground shall be drawn. These are Baulk lines.