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Archery is the art of shooting arrows from a bow at a target. The closer the shot is to the center of the target, the higher the score will be. The individual scores are added up, and the archer with the highest total wins the competition. There is Target Archery and Field Archery. Target archery involves shooting at one target from various distances. Field archery involves moving around a course, shooting at different sized targets from unknown distances. The Bow used in field archery look like a traditional bow.

Bows are made of materials like carbon, fiber glass and have a sight and stabilizers. Stabilizers are attached to the bow to help keep it steady while shooting. Arrows have a sharp metal tip at the front and a groove at the back that slots over the bow string. The targets or butts are made of straw ropes that are stitched together. Coloured paper or canvas targets are pinned to the targets.

Rule of the Game

  1. Any bow except a crossbow may be used for competition.

  2. Arrows should have a distinctive crest in order to identify the archer.

  3. After the signal to shoot, arrows should be knocked.

  4. Arrows that fall from the bow and cannot be reached with the bow from the shooting line, are considered to be shot.

  5. Only six arrows may be shot at the designated target, if more than six are shot, only the lowest six are counted, and any arrow shot at any other target shall not be scored.

  6. An archer should shoot from the longest distance first, the second longest distance next and so forth.

  7. Scores are recorded from the highest score to the lowest score.

  8. Distances shot are - Men : 90m (300 feet), 70m(230 feet), 50m(165 feet), 30m (100 feet), Women : 70m, 60m, 50m, 30m.

  9. The longest distance is shot first.

  10. A single FITA ( Federation International de Tir al Arc) round may be shot over one or two days.

  11. Arrows should be retrieved only after the signal is given.

Target Archery

Archery Target

In Target archery, competitors shoot at one target from various distances.

A. Out Door

Target Faces

  • The diameters of the standard faces are 122 cm and 80 cm.

  • (1)    The 122 cm face is composed of a circle in the center of 24.4cm diameter ringed by four concentric bands the breadth of each, measured radially being 12.2cm. 
    (2)    The 80cm face is composed of a circle in the center of 16cm diameter ringed by four concentric bands the breadth of each, measured radially, being 8cm.y

  • The colours of both target faces from the middle outwards are gold, red, blue, black and white.

  • The 122cm face when used for 10zone scoring and the 80cm face have each colour zone divided into two zones of equal width by a line not exceeding 2mm in width. Such dividing lines shall be entirely within the higher scoring zone.

  • (1)    Except between black/white and black /blue dividing lines between colours may be used. Such dividing lines shall not exceed 2mm in width and shall be entirely within the higher scoring zone. 
    (2)    The line marking the outermost edge of the white shall not exceed 2mm in width and shall be entirely within the scoring zone.

  • The center of the gold is termed the 'pinhole ' and shall be marked with a small cross (X) the lines of which shall not exceed 2mm in width.

  • Tolerances (plus/minus) on target faces are permitted as follows: 
    (1)    122cm-3mm on the diameter of each scoring zone. 
    (2)    80cm-2mm on the diameter of each scoring zone.

Range Layout

  • The targets shall be set up at one end of the ground. They shall be inclined at an angle of about 15 degrees, with the pinholes 130cm(4ft.3in )+ 5cm above the ground. The height of the pinhole on a line of faces shall at all times look straight.

  • Minimum spacing of target centers shall be:
    Archers shooting singly or in pairs   2.5m (8ft.2in) 
    Archers shooting in threes    3.66m (12ft)

  • Each target boss shall be securely anchored so that it cannot blow of its stand. Likewise stands shall be anchored to prevent them from blowing over.

  • All targets shall be clearly numbered.

  • The shooting line (over which the archers shall take up their shooting positions) shall be measured from points as follows:
    Metric    - Up to and including 50m- + 15cm
                     - above 50m - +30cm
    Imperial - Up to and including 50yd - +6in
                     - above 50yd - +12in

  • Shooting marks, consisting of discs or other flat markers, shall be positioned opposite the targets at the appropriate distances. The shooting marks are to bear the number of the target opposite which they are placed.

  • Lines at right angles to the shooting line and extending from the shooting line to the target line making lanes containing one, or three bosses may be laid down.

  • A waiting line shall be placed at least five yards behind the shooting line.

  • On grounds where the public have right of access on area shall be roped off to indicate that no one can pass behind the target within 50 yards of them.