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The players in action
The players in action

Volleyball is a game played indoors or outdoors by teams whose members seek to score points in the course of hitting a ball back and forth across a net.

It is a popular game which is inexpensive and can be played in all seasons in all parts of the country - indoor or outdoors to suit the situations and the season. The game consist of vigorous body movements, of speedy jumps and leaps. Those endowed with muscle - moulded limbs are an asset to the team. In the matter of techniques, blocking as well as jumps and smashes play a crucial part in volleyball.

Volley ball was invented by William. G. Morgan in 1895 when he was the Physical Director for the Y.W.C.A in Holyoke, Mass. During World Wars 1st and 2nd, it was popular among U.S. Servicemen, who helped to make it an international sport.

Volley ball was first introduced at the Asian Games in 1958 at Tokyo where India gained the third position and the bronze. Men's volleyball was included as an event in the World Olympic Games in 1960. The Soviet Union, Italy, Japan, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Poland and German Democratic Republic are among the finest teams today.