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November 27, 2008

Sweet or Sakkarai Pongal

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Festival : Pongal Region : Tamil Nadu
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Last Updated: 27-11-2008
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Ingredients :


- 11/2 cups

Condensed milk

- 1/2 tin


- 50-75 gm

Cloves (powdered)

- 3

Cardamoms (powdered)

- 3

Ghee or butter

- 2 tbs

Cashew nuts (chopped)

- 1 tbs

Almonds (chopped)

- 1 tbs
Raisins (chopped) - 1 tbs
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Method of Preparation :

Fry cashew, almonds and raisins in ghee till light brown. Keep aside. Cook rice in water till the rice turns soft and strain the excess water. Add jaggery and condensed milk to the cooked rice, and keep on a low flame. Cook until it turns dry with constant stirring. Add cardamom and clove powder and mix well. Sprinkle fried nuts and raisins.


Pongal can also be prepared by cooking rice and moong dal (1/4 cup) in 2 litres of milk. When the rice and dal are cooked to softness, jaggery (1 1/2 cup) and ghee (2 tbsp) can be added. Cook for sometime on medium flame and add chopped cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom powder (1 tsp), nutmeg powder (1/4 tsp), saffron (1/4 tsp) and lastly the raisins. Serve after one or two boils.

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