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March 11, 2020

Holi Gujiya Recipe

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Festival : Holi Region : Punjab
Last Updated: 11-3-2020
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This Holi, Amit Kumar, Ex. Sous Chef, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort invites you to relish crispy tasty gujiyas.

Meticulously designed by the veteran golfer Greg Norman, the lush green 9 acre premises of Jaypee golf & spa resort is a visual treat for all the travelers as well as sportspersons.

Sl. No Ingredients Measurement
1 Refined Flour 100 gms
2 Chironji 25 gms 
3 Desicated coconut 20 gms
4 Khoya 50 gms
5 Cardomom Powder 10 grams
6 Desi Ghee For Frying
7 Desi Ghee for dough 20 ml
8 Saffron 1 gm
9 Sugar 100 gms
10 Raisins 10 gms
11 Pista 10 gms
12 Rose Petal Silver Verq For decoration
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Method of Preparation : 

1. In a kadhai prepare the  gujiya filling with Chironji, Coconut powdr, Khoya, Saffron, Pista, Cardamom, raisins.

2. Prepare dough with flour desi ghee and water

3. Rest the dough for at least two hours. 

4. Make round balls and roll it like disc.

5. Make disc in half and fill it with stuffing. Close the corners and give gujiya shape.

6. Fry in desi ghee.

7. Glaze with sugar syrup and garnish with pista flakes. 

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