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December 21, 2016

Pineapple Wine

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 Recipe by : ,Ernakulam , India
Last Updated: 21-12-2016
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When we think of wine, the picture which comes to our mind will be obviously of the common grape wine. For a change, Why don't we try to make wine with some other fruits ? Let's go for Pineapple wine.

Ingredients :

Pine Apple - 1
Sugar- 750 gm (Or more if needed)
Yeast - 1/2 tsp
Egg white - 1 No
Crushed Wheat - 1 table spoon
Water - 2 liters
Cloves - 10
Cinnamon - 2 Sticks
Pineapple essence - 5 ml (Optional)

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Preparation :

Clean and cut the pineapple into small chunks and mash it slightly. Beat egg well. Boil 2 liters of water and add sugar into it. Once all the sugar melts in water, let it cool well. Take half cup of luke warm water add a table spoon of sugar and yeast and keep it aside for 10 minutes. In a ceramic Jar, add Egg white , Cinnamon, Cloves, Wheat and mashed Pineapple chunks. Add Sugar syrup as well as risen yeast into the jar and mix well with a wooden spoon. Cover the mouth of the jar with a cloth. Stir the contents daily for 7 days and keep it unshaken for another 7 days.

On the 14th day, strain the contents in the jar into a vessel. The wine will look cloudy, taste little bitter, and less sweet. If needed, you can add little more sugar into the strained wine. Add Pineapple essence which will give a good flavour to the wine. Keep the wine undisturbed for another 7 days. After this period, you will get a clear and tasty wine without any bitterness. Once the wine is clear, transfer it into coloured bottles. Only 3/4th of the bottle has to be filled.

We can prepare Pineapple wine even from peeled skin and core which is usually considered as a waste. But in this method, do not squeeze the contents while we strain the wine. Always keep in mind that the utensils used for wine preparation should be clean and sterilized.

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   Mahaveer, Karad, MaharashtraReplyPosted On:7/6/2018
This recipe can need sulfite? What is the actual reason of adding cinnamon &clove ?
   josh, KeralaPosted On : 18 - 12 - 2018
No sulfite needed the reason for ading cinnamon and clove is to get a spicy smell and taste you can add 10 cardamom also
   Suma, MumbaiReplyPosted On:14/5/2018
I made pineapple wine but it's tasting bitter. How can I rectify it and make it taste goid