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November 13, 2014

Homemade Paneer

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Last Updated: 13-11-2014
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Paneer dishes are very popular in India. People generally get ready-made Paneer from shops.

No reason to spend money on buying Paneer when it can easily be made at home. Shall we try it out?

Ingredients :

One Lemon
One plain white cloth
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Cooking Method :

Boil milk in a vessel... When it boils, add two drops of lemon juice into it by squeezing the lemon. Stir it well...

Now you can see the milk content starting to separate...

Put the white cotton cloth over another vessel and strain the milk.

Now squeeze the content collected in the cloth, remove water from it and place it in a flat bowl..

some weight over it, here we have placed another bowl over it for weight. It helps to set the Paneer.

When it is set, cut into cubes and you can use it to make any dish..........

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