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July 22, 2013

Chembilakettu or Thaal ila Curry

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Region : Kerala
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Last Updated: 22-7-2013
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There are certain plants used by our ancestors to heal and cure internal problems… Colocasia plant is one such plant, which is mainly used by Keralites during the month of Karkkidakam (July – August), the monsoon season of Kerala. Colocasia also known as Taro, Thaalu or chembu, have 3 varieties. We have prepared traditional Kerala style Taro leaves curry…

Ingredients :

Taro leaves - 20 - 30
Grated coconut - ½ cup
Small onion - 2 or 3
Bird's eye chilly / green chilly - 3 or 4
Tamarind - a lemon size
Oil - ¼ cup
Salt - to taste
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Cooking Method :

Grind the coconut, onion and chillies without adding much water. Mix tamarind with water and make a thick paste.

Wash the taro leaves without tearing them. Now take a leaf and tear it into two or three pieces. Now gently roll it using your hand and carefully tie it as you see here.

Heat some oil in a pan. Put the taro leaves in it. Add a little salt. Cover the pan and cook the leaves on a low flame. Gently stir the leaves once in a while using the other end of the ladle. Otherwise it may stick to each other, as the leaves are so tender.

Once you feel that it is partially cooked, add tamarind paste and ground coconut, chilly and onion to it. Stir well. Again cover and cook on a low flame for another 2 to 3 minutes. Once you finish, turn off the flame.

Some times the leaves can be itchy. To avoid this, pour some extra coconut oil to it and mix well.

You can have this curry with rice or chapathi. Other than the tasty side, it is a great remedy for a lot of problems like constipation and other stomach troubles.

So try out this recipe, and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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   Liya Binoy, Pathanamthitta, KeralaReplyPosted On:1/8/2017
Wow nyzz I tried it
   Liya Binoy, Pathanamthitta, KeralaReplyPosted On:1/8/2017
Wow nyzz I tried it