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June 4, 2009


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Region : Italian
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Last Updated: 4-6-2009
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Ingredients :    
Loaf of crusty Italian bread - 1
Italian plum tomatoes, drained well and chopped - 2 Cup
Cup tomato sauce
- 1/2
Sweet basil - 1/2 tsp
Swiss cheese, cubed - 1/4 lb
Italian sausage or salami, cubed - 1/4 lb
Mozzarella cheese, cubed - 1/4 lb
Clove garlic, crushed - 1/2
Oregano - 1/2 tsp
Romano cheese, coarsely grated - 1/4
Olive oil - as required
Salt and pepper - to taste
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Method :

Cut off the top of the bread and hollow out. Brush inside and outside with a little warm oil.

Keep it in a hot oven for about 5 to 10 minutes till the inside is dry.

Combine tomato sauce with chopped tomatoes, cubed Mozzarella, basil, Swiss cheese and the cubed sausage or salami, mix well. Stuff the toasted loaf with the mixture.

Sprinkle with pepper, salt, garlic, oregano and grated cheese.

Place the pizza on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes till the loaf is golden brown and the filling is piping hot.

Cut the pizza into thick slices and serve.

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   senthilkumar, dindigul,tamil naduReplyPosted On:26/6/2010
i need to find out receipe of how to make tomato concasse,the base for pizzas,everything in this s fine and i enjoyed in seeing every dishes pls mail me the receipes
   Admin, ReplyPosted On:13/3/2010
check this link -
   Yogita, aurangabadReplyPosted On:7/3/2010
Hiii....could u tell me how to make different types of cakes??????