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February 23, 2021


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Festival : Diwali Region : West Bengal
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Last Updated: 23-2-2021
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A popular sweet recipe, Rosogolla is spongy and light and served in sugar syrup.

The origin of the sweet was claimed by both Odisha & Bengal,and GI status was given to both as 'Banglar Rosogolla' from Bengal, and 'Odia Rasgulla', which is different in colour, texture, taste and preparation.

Ingredients :    
Chenna (paneer,cottage cheese) - 3/4 cup
Refined flour - 1 tbs
Sugar - 1/4 kg
Water - 1 litre
Cardamom - 5, 6 nos
Vanilla essence - 2-3 drops
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Method : 

How to make chenna: Chenna is prepared by curdling milk by adding citric acid or lime juice. The curdled milk is placed on a clean cloth. The cloth is tied and hung till all the water is drained. Chenna (Paneer, cottage cheese) is the residue which remains in the cloth.

Knead chenna and flour to make a soft dough. Make small balls from the dough and place cardamom seeds on the balls. 

Dissolve sugar in water and boil in a big vessel. Add essence and the prepared balls into it. Close the vessel with a lid and cook in low flame for about 8-10 minutes. Remove the lid and keep on fire for some more time. Remove from fire and allow to cool.

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   Debra Daniel, Miami FloridaReplyPosted On:1/10/2018
Hey, Thank you for this amazing recipe I really like your way of defining the recipe and I never made rusgulla like that before because its my first time Hahahah .. surely going to try it in this coming weekend because i have invited some guests in my home so it will be better Idea to serve them, Can you please tell me that is it possible to use persian saffron ? because i bought it in good amount I hope you can reply me quickly Please also mention quantity of using so i will follow you if possible of using it, Thanks
   Gayatri, MumbaiReplyPosted On:18/12/2012
I love rasagula eat like i mad abt it can get the full recipe of it
   Sanaya Switprinchess, MauritiusReplyPosted On:4/11/2010
It's tooooo Delicious..WOW!! it's really soft...hmmm...yummy..