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November 24, 2008

Keema Rajma

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Region : Punjab
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Last Updated: 24-11-2008
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Ingredients :


Rajma (Kidney Beans)

- 200gms

Minced meat

- 500gms


- to taste

Chilli powder

- 2tsp

Turmeric powder

- 1/2tsp

Ginger-garlic paste

- 2tsp


- 1tsp

Groundnut oil

- 1/3cup

Ground onions

- 2nos (large size)

Finely chopped tomatoes

- 250gms

Ground coriander

- 1/4cup


- 1tbs
For Masala :    


- 4nos


- 4nos


- 1"piece

Coriander seeds

- 1tbs

Poppy seeds

- 1tbs

For Garnish : 


Slit green chillies

- 5-6nos
1 lime cut into thin circles    
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Method of Preparation : 

Soak rajma overnight. Roast the ingredients for the masala and grind it to a fine powder. Keep aside.

Marinate mince meat with salt, 1tsp chilli powder, 1/4tsp turmeric, ginger-garlic paste and vinegar for 1 hour. Pressure cook both the rajma and mince meat together with 2-3cups of water for 15 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan and saute onion paste till golden colour over a medium flame. Add the remaining chilli powder, turmeric powder and tomatoes and sauté till tomatoes are amalgamated. Add cooked mince, coriander paste, ground masala and bring to a boil. Cook till quite thick. Add butter and remove from fire.

Garnish with slit green chillies and lemon slices.

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