Monday, July 15, 2024

Fairs and Festivals of Punjab

The Gay and vivacious Punjabi's are very fond of fairs and festivals and almost every fortnight there is a fair or a festival in one part of the state or the other. People come to participate in such functions from far-off places, trudging dusty distances. Many a fair is held in memory of a saint or a pir, and people from all communities living in a village participate in it. Men, women and children of all ages, classes and creeds flock in hundreds and enjoy the numerous fascinating features of the fair : races, singing, wrestling bouts, acrobatics etc. More..

Festival Calendar
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»  Baisakhi
»  Jarag Fair
»  Muktsar Fair
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»  Dussehra
»  Lohri
»  Gugga Naumi
»  Teeyan
»  Rakhi
Music Festivals
»  Bhaskar Rao Nritya and Sangeetha Sammelan
»  Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan