Monday, December 5, 2022

Fairs & Festivals



The most important festival in the month of Kartik is Diwali . Eearthen lamps or candles are lighted over buildings all over the state. People celebrate the festival with great gusto.

Houses are white-washed, new clothes are purchased and sweets of all kinds are prepared. People worship Goddess Lakshmi with an offering of sweets and silver coins. Thereafter they distribute sweets among friends and relatives. It is believed that on this night Goddess Lakshmi in the company of Vidmata (goddess of fate) takes a round of every and wherever she takes a fancy, she bestows immense prosperity. In the Golden Temple of Amristar, Diwali is celebrated with great eclat. Earthen lamps are lighted all round the hold tank and their undulating refelctions in the water look extremely fascinating.