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Area    : 50,362 sq Km
Capital : Chandigarh
Districts         : 17
Language : Punjabi
Population : 24,358,999 (2011 census)
Literacy : 75.84% (2011 census)
State Bird : Eastern GoShawk baaz
State Animal : Black Buck
State Flower :
State Tree : Shisham
Punjab Map
The word "Punjab" is made up of two Persian words 'Panj' and 'Aab'. Panj means five and Aab means water. This name was probably  given to this land possibly in an era when this region came into close contact with Persia. The Punjab was known as land of five rivers because of the five rivers that ran through it. They are Indus, Ravi, Beas, Sutlaj and Ghaggar. Prior to Persian period this region was known by different names at different times. Probably, at the height of its glory it was known as Sapta Sindhu, land of the seven rivers, namely Sindhu (Indus), Vitasta (Jehlum), Asuhi (chenab), Purshin (Ravi), Vipasa (Beas), Satadru (Sutleg) and Saruri (Saraswati). The last one is a dried up stream now and its traces are found in the present seasonal streams that flow near Pehowa in Haryana. During Greek occupation, the territory had shrunk into the area covering the five rivers.
Colourful Punjab

The Gay and vivacious Punjabi's are very fond of fairs and festivals and almost every fortnight there is a fair or a festival in one part of the state or the other..

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Punjab, literally meaning 'The land of five Rivers' is one of India's most beautiful states. It is the location of the world's first and oldest civilization- the Indus Valley Civilization..

Amritsar Jalandhar
Ludhiana Chandigarh

Music and dance are deep rooted in Punjabi life. The Desert land comes alive when it stage for performance. Most of the Punjabi Folk arts are linked to either region or Festival. Folk dances of Punjab has been classified according to the three natural division of the region - hilly, desert and eastern plain including Shekhawati. read more

The folk-drama of the Punjab-religious and seculars read more..


Punjab folk dances- a mirror to the characteristic Punjabi manliness

The real spirit of a folk-song rests not only in its text but also in its tune.

Punjab is the largest state in the Indian Union. Geographically, the land of Punjab is more varied than any other region. It is a region of lofty rocks, rolling sand dunes, of burning heat and freezing cold, of fertile plains and deep wild glens and jungles.

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Punjab has a rich tradition of its colourful handicrafts. More