Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fairs & Festivals


Jarag Fair

This fair is held in Jarag, a village in tehsil pail. It is held in Chet (March-April) in honor of the goddess Seetla. It is also known as the Baheria fair. Sweet gurgulas ( jaggery cakes fried in oil) are prepared

one day earlier and then given in offering to the goddess and thereafter to the donkey who is her favourite. After propitiating the goddess, the family members eat the remaining Savoury gurgulas with great relish. This festival is observed in Malwa and Powad,  but the fair is held only in Jarag. There is a pond where the devotees of Seetla gather. They scoop the earth and raise a small hillock which is accorded the status of the goddess's shrine. Potters specially bring their donkeys decked in colored blankets. Some even put bells or conch shells and beads round their necks. In many folksongs of the Punjab, there is a reference to the fair of Jarag.