Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fairs & Festivals


Other Fairs

Another big fair is held for four days every year in Malerkotla at the shrine of Haider Sheikh. It is largely attended. It is believed that if childless women visit the shrine and offers rots (large sweet cakes) specially cooked, they will be blessed with child.

There are various other small fairs which are similarly held in memory of Saints and Sages. On the 14th of Chet, a fair is held in Dhesian Sang (Philaur) at the shrine and in honor of Baba Sang. Another fair is held at the tomb of Khwaja Roshan in Har on every first Thursday after the new moon. In Nakodar, a Hindu-Muslim fair is held at village Kara at the shrine of Mir Shah Husain, who, according to legend, lived about five hundred years ago. At Khatkar Kalan (Navanshehar), a fair is held on Baisakhi day in memory of Baba Jawahar Singh. Another fair, Shiv Chaudas, is held at Paddi Matwali (Navanshehar ) on the 14th of Chet on the bank of the river Bein.

In March, at Nathana (Ferozepur) a fair is held in honor of a Hindu Saint, Kalu. He is said to have dug a large pond in one scoop and deposited the dug-up earth in a closely heap which now forms the object of popular veneration.