Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fairs & Festivals


Gugga Naumi

It is a festival in honour of Gugga Pir, also falls in Bhadon. The Pir's devotees paint his image on the wall in turmeric, as also paint a snake in black, right in front of it and then perform the ritual of worship. People also pour butter milk into the holes of snakes. Sweet Sevian is the special dish of the festival. The Halbagis, who are devout followers of Gugga Pir, also known as Zahir Pir, erect a long pole covered with flags, coloured cloth, coconuts etc and render worship to it as to a god. The devotees carry the Pir's stand from house and beg. The disciple who carries the standard is known as the Pir's house. To propitiate Gugga Pir women sing songs in his admiration.