Sunday, December 4, 2022

The People



The Muslims in Bihar are commonly seen in Purnia, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur and Champaran districts. In the Purnia districts Hindus and Muslims live together and has imbibed each others religious beliefs. Many of the Hindu and Muslim festivals are celebrated with equal zeal. The Muharram ' Tazias' are usually borne on the shoulders by the Hindus and the Durga puja ' Akharas' are filled up by the Muslims.

Caste system was foreign to Islam, it appears to have entered the Muslim social system as a result of the contact with the Hindus. The Muslims are divided into two main classes, the Ashroff and Ajlaf. The Syeds, who belong to the first category claim descent from the prophet himself, others in this category are Mughals, Iranis, Afghans, Pathans etc. The Momins, Kunjras and the Muslim castes-Julaha, Dhunia, Dhobe, Kulal, Chik, Lalbegi and others belong to the second group. The Mulick of Shahabad are all Ashroff and live by reciting poetry describing the love of Radha and Govindha; they worship certain saints and make offering at tombs and dargahs. In pre-Mughal Bihar, all the Ulema, Mullas and Sufis were Sunni Muslims, there were no sectarian differences between Shias and Sunnis.