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Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima
Place : All over India
Month: July
Significance: Veneration of the Guru (teacher)
Date: 3.7.2023

Guru Purnima or Asadh Purnima is a special day celebrated on the full moon (purnima) day of the month of Ashadh, to pay homage to all teachers (Guru's). It dates back to the time of 'gurukuls' or 'ashrams' of ancient India where students or brahmacharis used to get their education. The students used to worship their Gurus, seek their blessings and give 'gurudakshina' i.e fees or presents  

It is also known as Vyas purnima in remembrance of the great sage Ved Vyasa, the guru who wrote the great epic, 'Mahabharatha', the 18 'Puranas' and classified the 'Vedas' of the Hindu Dharma. The great sage is worshipped and pujas performed on this day.

Indian culture places 'Gurus' who impart knowledge , in par with the Gods. Acquiring knowledge forms the basis of a mans future. So worshipping a guru is like worshipping truth, knowledge and invaluable experiences. On this day students visit their elders, teachers and guides in order to show respect to them with gifts of coconuts, clothes and sweets. These gifts are called 'Gurudakshina'. Discourses are held in community gatherings to hear the readings of the holy book, 'Bhagawad Gita'. Lamps are lit and meals served to everyone.

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