Thursday, August 11, 2022

The People



The Christians are commonly seen in Ranchi district, Singhbhum district and in the district of the Santhal parganas. Their missions, which are found throughout the state not only engage themselves in evangelistic work but also maintain schools and colleges, manage several well equipped hospitals and have many orphanages at Patna and else where. At Patna alone, the Roman catholic Mission has five boarding schools, two for boys and three for girls, and a woman's college.

The first Jesuit priest to have come to Patna was father Simon Figuieredo. The Capuchins followed early in the eighteenth century and succeeded in establishing  stations in Bengal and Bihar. The most fruitful field for missionary activities has not been  the plains of Bihar but the hilly region of Chotanagpur-especially in Ranchi. The aboriginal races of Chotanagpur, especially in Ranchi have shown greater sensitiveness to Christian influences.