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Area    : 94,
Capital : Patna 
Districts         : 37
Language : Hindi
Population : 104,099,452 (2011census)
Literacy : 61.80%(2011census)
State Bird : Indian Roller
State Animal : Gaur
State Flower : Kachnar
State Tree : Peepal
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Bihar, formerly known as Magadha, was once the center power of India's struggle for Independence. The Name Bihar is derived from the Sanskrit word, 'Vihara' which means monasteries. The place was also an important center of Education, culture and tradition. The very ancient university Nalanda is situated in Bihar and its ruins can still be seen there. It is a rich and fertile land with a mild climate and is crossed by many major rivers, including the Ganges. Bihar is bounded on the north by Nepal, on the south by Jharkhand, on the east by West Bengal and on the west by Uttar Pradesh... read more on Bihar


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Bihar, the land with its incredible natural beauty is a small coastline state of India
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About Bihar

Bihar is a small state, tucked away in the south west corner of India. It represents only 1.18 percent of the total area of India but has 3.34% of the total population of the country.

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Bihar can be termed as the land of fairs and Festivals....

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Bihar has a rich tradition of folk music. Even villages have been named after classical ragas. In Dadri tehsil, several villages have names related to well known ragas.