Sunday, December 4, 2022

The People


Dress and Ornaments

Older fashions in dress and ornaments are still in vogue in rural Bihar and among Bihari women. The educated higher classes prefer native ornaments that are of western type.Hindus and Muslims wear dhotis or pyjamas, kurtas or shirts, their women wear saris and heavy ornaments especially on joyous occasions. Educated people working in towns and cities wear trousers, shirts and bush-shirts. On special ceremonial occasions, Kurtas, Chudidar, Pyjamas and Sherwanis are put on.

Most of the Hindus, rich and poor perform their ablutions everyday. The Muslims, Sikhs and Christians use 'attar' and other perfumes. Perfumed oils are also widely used. As ornaments men usually wear bala or bali in Shahabads, Kanausi in Patna and Gaya, the Gowalas wore Kundals. These ornaments are now fast disappearing except malas or bead necklaces. Women in every part of Bihar prefer aromatic oils. They wear profuse jewellery on special occasions and take particular care to wash their hair and arrange it in different styles. Tattooing is a prevalent practice. Married women paint the parting of the hair with vermilion. Tikli, a silver spot and bindi, a round one are placed on the forehead between the eyebrows. Many women pencil their eye with kajal or antimony preparations called surma. Poor women wear necklaces of silver. Chandrahar, tilri, panchlari, satlari, sikri are different types of necklaces which women in Bihar wear. They have various ornaments for arms, wrists and fingers. Rings are in vogue even among men. Bangles have always been popular among all classes of women.