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February 11, 2009

Mushroom Pakoda

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Region : Bihar
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Ingredients :    

Button mushroom

- 500gm

Gram flour

- 11/2 cup


- 1/2 tsp

Baking powder

- 1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds

- 1tsp

Chilli powder

- 1/2 - 1tsp


- 3/4 cup

Crushed garlic

- 2cloves

Finely chopped onion

- 1 (small)
Vegetable oil - for frying
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Method : 

Put the gram flour, salt, baking powder, cumin and chilli powder into a bowl and mix it well. Add water slowly to form a batter. Stir in crushed garlic and chopped onions into the batter and keep the mixture aside for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan. Dip the mushrooms in the batter. Fry the coated mushrooms in the hot oil for about 2 minutes or until golden brown. Drain oil by keeping in paper towels. Serve hot.

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