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October 19, 2022


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Festival : Diwali
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Last Updated: 19-10-2022
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Sandesh is a popular Bengali sweet basically made with curdled milk and sugar. This delicious treat is available in several variations.

Sondesh as Bengalis call it, is usually made during festive occasions such as Puja, Diwali etc. Get more Diwali Recipes

Ingredients :    
Chenna - 1/4 kg
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cardamom - few
Essence (optional) - 2-3 drops
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Method : 

Chenna is curdled milk prepared by adding citric acid or lime juice to milk. The curdled milk is placed on a clean cloth. The cloth is tied and hung till all the water is drained. Chenna is the residue which remains in the cloth.

Beat chenna and mix it with sugar. Stir the mixture continuously on a low flame. Add cardamom and essence. Keep on stirring till the mixture thickens and leaves the side of the pan.

Remove from fire and spread it evenly on a greased tray or vessel. When cool, cut into desired shapes.

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