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November 27, 2008

Vathal Kuzhambu

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Region : Tamil Nadu
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Last Updated: 27-11-2008
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Vatral (any vegetable)

- 3/4 cup

Gingelly oil

- 1tbs

Tamarind extract

- 1/4 cup

Sambar powder

- 2 tsp


- as required
Jaggery - little
For seasoning:     

Mustard seeds

- 1/4  tsp

Asafoetida powder

- little


- 1/2 tsp

Broken Red Chillies

- 2
Thuvar dhal - 11/2 tsps
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Method of Preparation :

Heat oil, add seasonings. When they crackle, add vatral and fry  well. Mix in sambhar powder. Pour tamarind extract, salt and boil. For thickening the gravy add a little rice flour mixed in water. Allow to boil till the gravy thickens. Add a little jaggery before removing from fire. Garnish with curry leaves. Instead of vatral fresh vegetables can be used to make this curry. Instead of Sambar powder, red chilli powder (1 tsp), coriander powder (2 tsp) and fenugreek powder (1/2 tsp) can be sautéed in oil and used.

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