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November 21, 2008

Majjige Huli

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Region : Karnataka
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Last Updated: 21-11-2008
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Ingredients : 



- 4 cup

Ash gourd (cut into cubes)

- 2cups

Chayote squash (seeme badnikai) (cut into cubes)

- 2 cups

Potato and green beans


For paste :


Green chillies

- 5-6nos

Grated ginger

- 1tbs

Mustard powder

- 1tbs

Soaked Bengal gram (chana dal)

- 1cup

Grated fresh coconut

- 1/2cup


- one handful

Curry leaves

- 15-20


- to taste

For seasoning :


Mustard seeds

- 1tsp

Curry leaves

- 5-6

Red chilli flakes

- 1tbs
Oil -  
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Majjige Huli is a vegetable dish with dal and vegetables cooked in a buttermilk base. Similar to Kadhi of Maharashtra and Gujarat but with vegetables.

Method of Preparation : 

Cook the vegetables with salt in a pan. Churn the buttermilk and keep it aside. 

Grind the ingredients for the paste. Add it in the churned buttermilk and stir well. Pour this to the vegetables pan. Allow to boil and cook till vegetables are done.

Season mustard, curry leaves and red chillies. When mustard seeds begin popping, add the mixture to the curry. Serve with rice.

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