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August 29, 2016

Banana Sandwich

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Last Updated: 29-8-2016
Preparation Time
10 minute
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Banana sandwich is a simple energy snack item with the banana slices added in between the bread slices and then drizzled over with honey.

Ingredients :

Honey - 2-3 tbsp

Banana -2

Peanut Butter - 3-4tbsp

Butter - 2 tbsp

Bread - 6 slices

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Preparation :

Take sliced bananas in a bowl and add honey (as per taste) mix well and keep it aside.

sliced bananas in add honey

Place the banana slices kept aside on top of the peanut spread.

peanut spread

Heat some butter in a pan toast the bread slices in it Fry both sides evenly.

bread slices

Transfer to a serving plate & serve hot.

Banana Sandwich
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