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August 24, 2015

Shallot Curry

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Last Updated: 24-8-2015
Preparation Time
15 minute
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shallot-based recipe associated with South Asian cuisine, which requires only minimal ingredients as well as spices. We are going to show you how to prepare this recipe. All you need is: -

Ingredients :

Shallots thinly chopped - 1 ½ cup
Fenugreek seeds - ¼ tsp
Green chillies - 3
Turmeric Powder - ½ tsp
Salt - ½ tsp
Lemon - 1
Coconut milk - ¼ cup
Oil - 1-2 tbsp
Mustard seeds - ½ tsp
Curry leaves - 10-13
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Cooking Method :

Place a pan over the stove under medium flame. Bring half liter of water (2 glasses) to boil. Add thinly chopped shallots into the pan along with fenugreek seeds, thinly slit green chillies, turmeric powder and salt. When the condiments turn tender, sauté the ingredients and simmer for 2-3 minutes until the water evaporates and desired consistency is achieved. Now add juice of one lemon for flavor. Using a spoon combine all the ingredients and pour coconut milk into the pan. Switch off the flame, and keep the pan aside for later use.

In another pan, lets prepare the seasoning. Pour 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil under medium heat. Splutter mustard seeds and add curry leaves. Using a slotted spoon drain the formerly cooked condiments into the pan and fry for a few seconds. Your yummy delicious Shallot Curry is ready to serve..

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