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July 6, 2015

Potato Curd Curry

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Last Updated: 6-7-2015
Preparation Time
20 minute
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We are going to make a side dish with boiled potato cubes and curd as main ingredients. The recipe, which we are about to make, is more south Indian in nature and in taste.

Ingredients :

Potatoes boiled - 2-3
Cooking oil - 3-4 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 pinch
Cumin seeds - 1 pinch
Curd - 1 bowl
Green chillies minced - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 1-2 tbsp
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Cooking Method :

Chop the boiled potatoes into bite size cubes.

Place a frying pan on the stove under medium flame.

Pour 3-4 tbsp of cooking oil and let it heat up.

Splutter mustard and cumin seeds.

Add cubed potatoes and sauté well.

After a while add a bowl of curd along with minced green chilies and curry leaves.

Switch off the stove.

Potato curd curry is ready to serve.

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