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November 3, 2014

Bumpa Kichadi

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 Recipe by : ,Kochi , India
Last Updated: 3-11-2014
Preparation Time
15 minute
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The fibrous Banana stem or Vazhapindi, is of much nutritional value and is said to aid weight loss and prevent/dissolve kidney stones.

Here's a tasty Khichdi with banana stem from Mrs. Ganga Balakrishnan.

Ingredients :

Vazhapindi - 3 inch
Coconut grated - 1/4 coconut
Green chilly - 1
Red chilly - 1
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves -  
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Buttermilk -  
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Cooking Method :

The edible /usable part of the banana stem (Bumpa/vazhapindi) is the inside part of the stalk, the outer layers are usually discarded. To make Khichdi, Vazhapindi is chopped and soaked in buttermilk. Never leave vazhapindi open after cutting, put it in some buttermilk, otherwise it will decolorise and we will not get white color kichadi.

First we will splutter mustard in some hot ghee. Add one red chilly, one green chilly and Curry leaves.

Now put coconut into the jar. Add salt as required. Now put green chilly. We will add soaked vazhapindi also. Now we will blend it. We have made a mixture in blender don't add water to it. Add some left over buttermilk to it. Don't add hot mustard to this allow to cool otherwise it will spoil the taste. So lastly we add mustard to it.

After making this keep it in fridge. Otherwise it will have a sour taste. Take it out while serving. If needed, you could add a little butter milk to loosen the chutney before serving.

Watch video: Preparing Bumpa Kichdi by Mrs. Ganga Balakrishnan

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