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October 6, 2014

Plantain Porridge - Homemade Baby Food

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20 minute
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Plantain Porridge is home made baby food eligible for older babies of 9 months and above. It offers a healthy diet, as it is rich in Proteins and carbohydrates. Plantain powder can be made at home and process involved is very simple.

Ingredients :

Plantain - 2-3
Milk - 1 cup
Water - 1 glass
Rock Candy - 1-2tsp
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Preparing Plantain Powder :

To begin with remove the Banana Peel from the stem end. Since raw bananas are lot more stiff and bigger in size, lets begin by removing the Banana peel with a knife and thinly slice the raw banana. Make sure that the sliced bananas are fairly much the same slice width . Now place the Banana to dry in a sunny spot until the sliced chips turn crispy. Drying may take up to 1-2 day at tropical climatic Conditions. Once dried Chips turn crispy grind them in a mixy so as to turn into Fine powder. Your Plantain Powder is ready.

Preparing Plantain Porridge:

Add a cup of milk and dilute it with a glass of water as milk alone could produce harmful Mucus in Babies . Now add a spoon full of Plantain powder keep stirring to avoid culmination of banana powder. Finally add a spoon full of Rock Candy to add sweetness to the Porridge and let it to boil while stirring . Finally your Plantain Porridge is ready to serve.

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   Favor Isaiah, NigerReplyPosted On:24/9/2017
I am happy to read that plantain flour is good for babies. Can I give my 5 months baby who does not like to suck?