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September 23, 2014

Nadan Pizza

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Last Updated: 23-9-2014
Preparation Time
30 minute
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Nadan or localised Pizza is a special egg based omlette made similar to a pizza. Rava is used in place of all-purpose flour and this recipe promises a lot of health benefits to children and can be a served as a breakfast dish or as a tea time snack.

Ingredients :

Eggs - 5 no
Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
Salt - to taste
Rava - 1 bowl
Coconut Oil - 3-4 tbsp
Onions Chopped - 1-2 no
Green chillies Chopped - 2-3 no
Tomatoes Chopped - 1-2 no
Curry leaves - 11-13
Boiled carrots chopped - 1-2 no
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Cooking Method :

In order to prepare our Nadan pizza first lets prepare important ingredients. Break 5 raw eggs into a glass bowl. To this lets add half a tsp of turmeric powder and ¼ tsp of Salt. Beat the eggs until the turmeric powder, salt and eggs blend perfectly well.

In another pan, let's add a bowl of Rava and a pinch of salt and fry until Rava turns golden brown. Lets keep aside the fried rava as well.

Now that our two most needed ingredients are ready, lets start to prepare our Nadan pizza.

Heat 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil in a pan. To this add chopped onions and sauté until it turns tender. You may now add chopped green chilles, tomatoes along with curry leaves and chopped carrots. Let the veggies turn tender, now add the formerly made fried rava into the pan and continue to mix with the veggies.

Add beaten eggs into the pan and add half a tsp of salt on the crust. Lets close the lid and cook the Nadan pizza for around 5-6 minutes. Using a spatula keep the edges from getting burned. Turn over the Nadan pizza to its other side carefully and make sure both sides gets cooked evenly. Your yummy Nadan pizza is ready to serve.

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