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August 5, 2013

Jeera Lassi

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Region : Punjab
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Last Updated: 5-8-2013
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Jeera Lassi is a popular North Indian drink made with Curd, sugar and cumin seeds. Roasted Cumin seed gives a unique taste to this cool and refreshing drink.


Ingredients :

Curd - ½ cup
Sugar - 1-2 tbsp
Roasted Cumin - 1-2 tsp
Salt - to taste
Water - as required
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Cooking Method :

Lets begin by taking curd in a glass or a bowl. Add water, pinch of salt and sugar and using a spoon mix the ingredients well to turn the curd into buttermilk. Pour the prepared lassi into chilled glasses and sprinkle-roasted cumin on top.

Your Jeera Lassi is ready to serve. We can serve this drink with hot Indian Parathas or as cool refreshment on a hot day. .

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