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Breast Self Examination (BSE)

Performing breast self examination (BSE) on a monthly basis gives you the opportunity to detect breast cancer. A woman who regularly perform BSE can detect breast cancer at its earlier stage. It is best carried out once a month before the menstrual period. BSE is recommended for ever women from age 20. Self examination is done in two ways: inspection and feeling the breasts

Method of breast examination

  1. breast examinationLook into a mirror, undresses to the waist. Study the breasts and become familiar with their  normal appearance. Look at the skin texture, height and appearance of the nipples etc. Check for any unusual  difference.

  2. Look at each breast for any unusual irregularity in shape, drawing in or retraction of the nipple, dimpling of the skin, changes in skin colour or texture, or veins more prominent than normal. This should be done with the arms in different position: 
    By the side hand on the waist arms raised above the head
    Hands clasped around the head

  3. unusual dischargeSqueeze each nipple gently to check for any bleeding or unusual  discharge

  4. Checking the breasts by touch is carried out while standing up and /or lying down. It may be done in bath or shower when the skin is wet. Raise the right arm and use the left hand to explore the right breast in a clockwise motion. With the fingers flat, feel the breast for any unusual lump, knot, mass, thickening, tenderness or other change. Repeat for other breast. Examine the nipple in similar manner.

  5. enlarged Lymph e. Feel in each armpit for any enlarged Lymph nodes. Hold the left arm by the side and slide the right hand into the armpit and on down  the ribs. Repeat on the other side using the left hand with the right arm by the side

Questions of
 Questions & Answers
 1.  Posted on : 9.1.2014  By  :  Soumyya Das , Kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer

Cholecystectomy was done 2 years ago but looking bulky and over weight approx 87 kg triglycerides also increased what should I do?


Please refer to the following chart for ideal height and weight Calorie Needs , Weight Chart , Calorie content in food, Calore to lose weight

  Posted By :Admin , | On 26.5.2014
 2.  Posted on : 27.6.2013  By  :  akshay arora , Bareilly (u.p.) View Answer (1) Post Answer

My age is just 22 yrs. And i am having pain in my knee joints doctors said i am sufferin from arthiris/ortheoritis what can i do is their any treatment or not because they have told me that their is no treatment


Arthritis can be caused by many reasons which includes weight problems. Please consult a bbone specialist for further advise. You can too young to have chronic arthritis all your life. Good luck

  Posted By :Admin , | On 26.5.2014
 3.  Posted on : 11.9.2012  By  :  Saswajeet Routray , Kolkata View Answer (1) Post Answer

I am 32 years old and my wife is 30 now. Myself and my wife, both are suffering from joint pain from 5-6 months. A cracking sound also coming from the knees. Please let me know what to do.


Joint pain can be caused by many reasons.Over weight Oesteo porosis or born loss, arthritis, some febril illnesses are some of the causes. You are very young to ignore your joint pains. You should see an internist. He can examine you, order some blood test and give you a diagnosis. Good luck

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 4.6.2013
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